Saturday, May 3, 2008

Compost Host

For those of you looking for that great free NYC compost, its no longer available this season. The next compost give-away will be in autumn. So many of us want to amend our garden soil or fill pots with the stuff, it is too bad that we can only get some two times a year.

If you live in a neighborhood with gardens, community or private, there may be some compost to be had for the asking and carting. Ask around, often gardeners make more than they need.

If you have to go to a store, try a nursery. Ask them for compost without any treated sewage sludge. If you go to a large chain store, like Home Depot, you may get "organic" compost with organic wastes in it. If there are no ingredients listed on the bag, don't trust it. Somewhere on the packaging there should be a proud boast of the all-natural ingredients used to make that compost. Compost should smell relatively clean, not like the water's edge when the tide is out, and shouldn't be slimy or soggy.

A brand I have used in the past is Coast of Maine soil amendments. Apparently the brand is available at most Whole Foods in NYC. If you can imagine dragging 10 bags of compost through a Whole Foods, then I guess that's a local source. I think, however, that you can trust your garden center to steer you in the right direction when it comes to picking truly clean compost.

Another way to get good compost is to go to a composting company. For very little money, compared to the bagged price, you can get high-quality compost. If you want more than a cubic yard, these companies will deliver or you can pick it up yourself in a pick-up truck. Maybe you can buy a few cubic yards with several neighbors and divvy up the pile!

A company I have used is Nature's Choice, based in New Jersey. I bought over 100 cubic yards from them for a big project on 15th Street in Brooklyn. They have extraordinary cubic yard prices and excellent, rich black compost. Everything I planted in it grew exceptionally well. I don't recollect what delivery will cost you, nor do I remember what their minimum quantity is for delivery. But if you can swing this method of getting compost, you can get it right when you need it. Oh, and by the way, when they say they'll deliver between 6 am and 7 am to avoid traffic, they'll be there at 5:59 am!

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