Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gardens Gone Wild

Yes, its early. I simply must get used to this. I would say the garden is about three weeks early and some plants have been blooming for at least a couple of weeks now. So I present to you my garden porn:

The Drumstick, Allium sphaerocephalon, hasn't bloomed yet, but it's long slow movement towards blooming is as wonderful as the bloom itself. Love these.

Now you can see how densely planted (some simply say wild) the garden is this year. Within this square foot, we have two types of geranium, lily, two types of yarrow, a rose, and deep down in there you can see the sedum.

Yarrow, lily, geranium, and rose blooming.

Climbing rose "New Dawn," pink blooming dwarf spirea to the far, middle left, evening primrose and some yarrow in yellow. Phlox and Lily shooting up to the upper right, Tradescantia (spiderwort) to the bottom right, and Sedum in the bottom center, just beneath the recently clipped russian sage. Blooming, deep-purple lavender to the far lower left, Boston ivy climbing the wall, honeysuckle over the rose, and if you can believe it -a Clematis hiding in the rose.

And the money shot, New Dawn rose petals freshly fallen onto the blooming lavender.

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  1. F - well done! Your garden looks amazing this year. If I had a garden you could coach it.


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