Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Garden Guard

My garden this year is so full with plants that it has become a good home to many creatures. I think the insects really like the dense planting, providing food and cover. At times I feel as if they are guarding the place. While the garden looks a little bedraggled in August, it is the best time to scope them out.

I took these photos of some in the garden the other day. The only one I missed was the giant green grasshopper. I have many carpenter bees, a few praying mantis, and it has been a good year for dragon flies.

Today, when I entered the vegetable garden to pick some basil, I noticed a dragon fly fluttering up and down, up and down. After I climbed out (over the fence), I stared at it while it rested on the dead stem of a day lily. I decided to point at it, real close to its head. When I got near, it darted right for my head and fluttered its wings on it. Instinctively, I swatted. It landed back on its post and stared me down. I thought, okay, I'll let you be.

praying mantis (cockroach family!)

some kind of huge fly

I did have a web spider set up shop for a few days in the vegetable patch, but I think the carpenter bees continually flying holes through its web sent it packing.

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