Sunday, October 4, 2009


My landlord recently told my wife that the plants needed to be pulled back into the yard. But first she asked if they were weeds. Apparently, some neighbor is "getting wet" when they turn the corner.

This is how it looked, maximilian sunflowers not quite in bloom. At their feet, dayflower (a weed).

This is how it looks now, yanked back by twine. Every neighbor down this stretch has a concrete yard.


  1. What a shame you had to trim back. When they bloom, maybe a few people will realize getting a little wet is worth it. Besides that sidewalk was big enough - move over.

    Always Growing

  2. Growing up, a yard was synonymous with concrete, and might be associated with a chained up dog and other lower life forms. If there was a garden, it was not a yard, but a garden.

  3. Not overwhelmed, but feel like they're trying to rein the gardening in. If you do nothing, no one even notices. If you do something, some notice and take pleasure, some notice and find problems. I had a neighbor in NM that just hated the garden, threw beer bottles in it and complained to the landlord about it. Can't please everyone all the time.

    Thanks for the support. It is a wide and uncrowded sidewalk.


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