Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not Enough Phos For Us

An interesting post on the shrinking reserves of mined phosphorous at Infranetlab. If you've never thought of where that P in your N-P-K fertilizer was coming from, think now. Go over to the site and check out the photos of strip mines. As for us gardeners who aren't wholly dependent on a high output of vegetables, we can continue to use bone meal, or possibly use pee for our P (the element was discovered in urine).


  1. And here I thought this was going to be about noodle soup.

  2. Me too.

    I was about to say, can't you also have a food blog, Frank, when The Meal Husband caught my eye.


    I'm off there at once.

  3. I appreciate your sentiment Marie, but my food blog is really just where I dump any food related post from nycgarden. (why???)

    I haven't had the time to pump it up and I've asked other's to contribute, but so far no serious takers.


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