Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So Hard, Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, So Hard...

Catchy. Icy. The garden soil is hard like it hasn't been since, maybe, 2004. On Long Island, USDA zone 6a, as a child, I remember winter soil, rock hard, bleached by cold wind's parching. This isn't that, but closest it's come in a long while. I got lazy, took averages of late for new norms. Ah, throw a twist into it, wontchya! It'll be fine, really and of all those pathogens in the soil, maybe some'll die off. Here's to hoping. The big question is, will the salvia elegans survive the deep freeze? Its roots are probably pretty deep by now, but if the crown doesn't make it...And what about those potted herbs?


  1. I hope your pineapple sage survives. Sometimes mine does in zone 8b, sometimes not. Location, location, location. As insurance, I take little cuttings, both in soil and in water. They'll bloom all winter with the least bit of good light.

  2. Aye, too late now! But the location had been good over the last two years, protected from north winds, south facing against a house foundation. We'll see, won't we.

    Next year, a clipping or two will do. Thanks for the advice

  3. I think your potted herbs will be fine...I'm always amazed that the tarragon makes, it in a little 6" across pot. My only pineapple sage experience is in Cape Town, where it is indestructable. Hopefully the roots will hang on.


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