Friday, January 22, 2010


I sent off my Ft. Tilden proposal after my bout with jury duty yesterday. That's all you'll ever hear about that if it is rejected. If it accepted, then you will hear endlessly about it. I hope you can bear it.  I went to plead not guilty to my art to storage parking tickets today. A sympathetic judge took one away, the small one, but it felt like minor vindication. I knew, somehow, that the location in Red Hook would not be unfamiliar to a judge in Brooklyn. Of course, he's been to the Fairway and the glass studio at the end of the pier. So he was not so sympathetic to me parking on the "sidewalk" even if it's a warehouse and those bays are used for loading and unloading. Ahh, the cross purposes that neighborhood is at. He didn't hesitate to suggest I go into teaching (like any uncle) because, you know, you're not gaining in this art career -are you? I'll just take his advice to consider any space between a building and a street a sidewalk.

At least I saved 45 bones. Or was that spondulicks. 

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