Friday, May 11, 2012

Sixty Five MPH Spring

I've been relishing spring green and salmon, some of the best I can recall, at highway speeds for a couple of weeks now. First on my trip to the upstate garlic farm, and this week on my trip out to Amagansett to check out a possible location for next year's crop. 

I cannot recall ever winding my way through the Long Island Pine Barrens in early spring, since my trips to the farthest reaches of the southern prong have always been reserved for summer days at Montauk. 

The colors this year rival or best autumn's, in my view. The russet and salmon reds are the most brilliant I've seen, contrasting with long-holding chartreuse.

Add to this the dark greens of pitch pine, and...

the whitened-green of blooming, roadside russian olives, and...

sheep sorrel and old grasses...

and you have something I could hardly take photographs of, with my phone, while speeding down the highway at 65 mph. It all made me wish, much like two weeks prior, that I didn't have purpose other than finding and photography.

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