Saturday, June 30, 2012

Good Morning

The day after the storms was so nice, so cool, breezy and pleasant, we had to have our coffee out of doors. The lilies are in bloom -all of them. The landlady surprised me, as I had my head down pulling the smartweed and dayflower, with a good morning. I didn't even know to whom I replied until I looked up. Then the landlord, who breathed "there he is -the gardener." What's going on here, I thought. And then I enjoyed the lilies.

I pulled him off the fennel that I had harvested a few days earlier, at the beach farm. These swallowtail caterpillars like feathery foliage -like carrots or queen anne's lace, but also parsley and maybe cilantro. I've none of this in the garden so I put him on the cosmos -the most feathery I we have. Seems not to his taste as he whirled and whirled around the hundreds of leafy choices, never choosing any, or so it seemed.

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