Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good Intention

Had me writing up posts of Maine while we're here in Minnesota. After all, the images are processed and uploaded, just need to find a coffee shop, two hours, and some words to wrap those up.

But the truth is I've been on the roof every day since Saturday removing rotted siding and sheathing. My arms are tired, possibly too sluggish to type. We've two more dormers to do and that should carry us through Sunday.

This is how vacation posts, even ones full of plants, get pushed into another season. I have been mobile posting pictures of my mushroom expeditions over at prairie woods (sorry, mobile no linky, stupid google -link in right side bar). This morning I found the beautiful beginnings of a laetiporous. With luck we'll harvest before the mushroom people arrive to collect for the Fair (again, sorry, a link would be useful here). This chicken is mine!

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