Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sativum ? Sativum

 Docendo discimus -teach to learn 

Under artist Heather Hart's project BarterTown (Trading Post X): Tomorrow-morrow Land, I will be presenting Allium sativum to the public. You may have questions, I will do my best to summon answers. I will have several garlic varieties on hand, including the non-sativum Allium vineale (a little worse for the wear) and ampeloprasum. I will disect samples, peel samples, even slice samples. We will look at fertile leaves, rounds known as pearl garlic, bulbils, and the full-size, dried entirety of a porcelain garlic from roots to flowers. I will have seed and table garlic on view, tasting of raw and gently browned samples, maybe even grilled whole cloves if the gods of health and safety allow it.

Do you want to know how to grow garlic? I can help. Do you want to know how to store it? Can help there too. Questions about buying garlic? No problem. You didn't know there was more than one kind? I got kinds. You know a lot about garlic? Great, teach me, I don't know nearly enough.

And since this is BarterTown, I gather I am in the business of trading. What can be traded? Your patience. Your interest. Your email for Hudson Clove updates. A handshake, hugs. Whatever. I'm in it to inform, practice exhibition, get the word out, to deliver the pitch.

Look for me at the Dumbo Arts Festival in Dumbo Brooklyn. Tomorrow-morrow land.
Saturday, September 29, 12-6 pm, drizzle or shine. We'll be near the York Street F stop.


  1. Good luck and have fun. The garlic is wonderful by the way. Enjoying them very much.

  2. Frank..when i saw the empty stand, i thought you might have sold out! Keep on keeping on. When I get back to my garden (i hope soon) and not other distractions, it will be good.


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