Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scenes From An Open Studio Weekend

Artists in Sunset Park saw few people coming through our studios, but that was generally expected. For me it was an opportunity to organize, begin painting again after a hiatus, and ship out garlic orders. I also got to meet some nice folks along the way.

I've sold most of my best bulbs, and may offer a bundle of one or two remaining varieties that I still have in quantity. I have had a few questions about planting this garlic and my answer is still that you shouldn't. The chance that a disease could be introduced is always possible from any seed source, but I think that with this lot, it is slightly higher. This is why I bought all new seed this year. Clean start next year and if that grows out well, I may offer seed. We'll see, as mom used to say.

While I feel pretty certain I do not want to mix my painting with my garlic again (garlic distracts), I will be at the Dumbo Arts Festival taking all questions garlic, in a booth of my making, and while not making it art, it is part of another's art.

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