Thursday, January 3, 2013

Painted Pea

A berry, or rather a pea, and a rather poisonous one, spied on a ratty sump fence the day I arrived in Orlando. Marie asked what it was; a reader, friend, and expert in Peruvian culture suggested Ormosia coccinea and I called it a day. Yet something was nagging at me. A website stated the popular, good luck pea was the seed of a tree and my sump specimen was certainly not a tree. Although maybe it was young, maybe it suckered from so many hacks.

An image search yielded clusters of pods and peas that looked right, but of different species. Not the huayruro of Peru, but Abrus precatorius. A vine, not native, and invasive weed of Florida. That rings true -sump plants tend to be weeds.

Now I'm wondering if jewelry makers would be interested in these striking red seeds. I've already contacted Bonbon Oiseau, although peas may not fit her oeuvre. Would you wear poisonous seeds?


  1. They are stunning, especially all together like that. Christmas tree balls?

    1. Spose the possibilities are endless. They are nice to look into.

  2. Oh, and I have an extensive amount of jewelry with I think both kinds.

  3. Sarahh, without your input, the search would've been long and arduous. Grazie

  4. Awww, you're welcome. I was so excited.

  5. Oh, and do a Google Image Search for "huayruro" and you'll see all sorts of craft ideas.


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