Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Global Butterfly

Yesterday I went to the Museum of Natural History with Betsy, my cousin (Red Hook's PokPok manager/waiter, ask for Jeff) and his girlfriend to see the Our Global Kitchen exhibit. I wasn't expecting much since Betsy reported that a prior exhibit on bioluminescence had little in the way of bio, just a bunch of artificial displays. Honestly, if your up on food, this exhibit isn't for you -you'll hardly see anything new. The most fascinating display was a plastic mock-up of Michael Phelps' breakfast.

Fortunately we paid full price, allowing us the chance to see the butterfly exhibit and even though I wish the museum built a Rose Center-like glass orb filled with tropical plants and humidity, it was worth every penny to spend some time with any Lepidoptera in the middle of winter.

For all the power of an iPhone, I happened upon a weakness: under the Metal Halide type lamps, the phone's sensor whipped up a moire-type effect. Of course, there was the usual darkness induced slow-shutter blurring, but I could salvage several shots. I recognize that I'm becoming more self-conscious about taking shots with a phone -it's so common now that even my mediation feels mediated.

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