Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reminders From A Remote Location

I happen to be one part of a two-person exhibit called Nearer Than Eden, at The Hunt-Cavanagh Gallery at Providence College of Providence, Rhode Island. The opening (which is really a closing) is tomorrow, Thursday, March 21, from 6 pm until 8:00-plus pm. If you happen to live in the area, consider swinging by to see our work before the show comes down Friday afternoon. I think you'll enjoy what we've put together and there will be wine, free wine. Make a night of it, as this Thursday also happens to be the first Providence Gallery Night of the 2013 season, complete with gallery tour busses and guides.

Afterward, I'm shooting up to Boston to see a friend, sleep, have breakfast, shoot back down to Providence to de-install, then heading back to Brooklyn and with luck, time enough to make it to Fairway for some nighttime, congestion-free grocery shopping. Since I am in a student computer lab at the College of New Jersey (our internet has been out for a week, no reason given by Verizon), passing time before Betsy's curated exhibit, Value Added, opens, I only have this FB showcard image as a teaser.


  1. Congratulations, Frank - and hope all goes well!

    Hey - that's lot to handle; let us know if the 23rd gets too much!


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