Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Busy Busy

Well the corner daffs are finally blooming. This shot was from last weekend and now they are all a-bloom. The side yard could use a cleaning, but I won't get to it. I pulled in a tray of dead onion seedlings to plant my tomatoes and peppers, but I haven't managed to do that either.

I am one third of the way through teaching 2 pt perspective to 30 students today and that makes me want to celebrate. The night class, they're the real challenge. Sixteen students, of widely ranging abilities (so many ranging on the side of, um, no I haven't done the work), will need to be dragged, kicking screaming, through the picture plane.

This weekend I am beginning a patio project in Fort Greene. Simple enough, but lots of laborious lifting. Blue slate, old school, two inches thick and irregular to be laid on a bed of crushed gravel and bedding sand, all 3000 pounds of it. Then a small pergola (arbor to some) erected over it sooner or later, probably in the fall.

The weather promises to be nice, and the labor refreshing after so much lecturing on sight lines, station and vanishing points. My tongue gets twisted and palette dry when repeating the words picture plane and perpendicular as much as I have. Placing stones requires little more than grunts and occasional swearing.


  1. Manual labor clears and refreshes. Here's wishing you good weather and some ibuprofen at the end.

    1. It promises to be good. And I have friendly help on day one.


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