Friday, September 13, 2013

Big Melons

Our van is in the shop again. No surprise that my mechanic, a fair man, told me that I got robbed at that AAMCO in Ohio. That mechanic should have replaced the bearings on the used axle, but didn't. Now the axle has to come out, again, to do so. And, I need rear brakes, which I knew, but was putting off until school started and the income that comes with that. Even though my mechanic, Saleem, is taking out the axle, replacing inner and outer bearings, replacing my rotors and disc breaks, and plugging a nail hole in my tire, his price is still only a third of what the Ohio mechanic charged us for simply taking out the old axle and putting in the used one. When you're in that kind of trap, I suppose you have to eat price gouging.

On my walk home, I passed these gigantic melons or gourds growing in a front yard. I like how they are supported by additional stringing. The fruit were maybe 16 inches long and 8 inches in diameter and gravity's pull was palpable.

Now I am off to the studio to make some more garlic bundles, one of which is going to a local nursery that happens to have some spectacular wooden bulb crates (for carting my garlic to New Amsterdam Market) they are willing to give me just for the asking.


  1. suing for malpractice or extortion or something is probably not worth the effort, alas.


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