Friday, May 9, 2014

Caught In The Crabapple

On may way to photograph the park for possible, future paintings I got caught up in the spectacle of the park circle crabs, something I usually miss but not in this ever so unusual year where you may see forsythia, daffodil, tulip, dogwood, crabapple and cherry blooms all at once.

While photographing, I encountered a voice. Wha? Where?  Up, fool.

A woman, high up in a crab tree, remarked on the serious appearance of my point and shoot as she read among the flowering branches. She descended, I showed her this shot, and we moved on.

In the park late blooming maples.

Phragmite reflections.

Sunning turtles.

The lesser of the celandines becoming rather morer in the wake of fallen timber,

Giant woodland 'field' garlic, so much larger than those of the field.

And big earthworms drowned in heavy rain-swamped lawns.


  1. Beautiful. That photo of the tree-person is wonderful!

    Isn't it weird? I nearly did a double take when I saw dogwoods and lilac in bloom the other day, and it is, as you said, that one is used to a formal pattern of unfolding, but the pattern is gone, it's just onetwothree OPEN EVERYBODY.

    1. Oh yes I forgot the lilac I saw two weeks ago on the hiline and now everywhere. Good way to see what blooms based on temperature alone or combinations of day length and temperature.

  2. I love it when everything bursts into bloom especially after this long NYC winter we've had! Those photos are pretty!
    I saw these spring bulbs on in bloom at once and all I could say was, "wow"!


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