Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Crispy Season

It has been generally dry for three weeks which has led to rapid dry down of nearly all of the varieties. From too wet one season to too dry another, all varieties could have used some supplemental moisture a week or so ago. Soon these Porcelain will be harvested.

A few scapes are always missed, and they rise up to reveal bulbils -small bulb-like appendages that can be eaten or planted. This and the two below are Rocambole.

The Rocambole "Russian Red" and "Killarney Red" will be harvested today or tomorrow. So will the Purple Stripe "Chesnok Red," and the Creole "Pescadero Red" and "Creole." Soon after will come the Porcelain and Marbled Purple Stripe, and next week the Silverskin.

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