Friday, August 1, 2014

The Cure

All the garlic is hung in the studio, makeshift, along the radiator, beneath the window. The leaves are dry and thistle to the touch. The mold on the dried leaves, invisible to my eyes but not my nose, has me sneezing with too much rustling. I wear a mask for bulb cleaning. All appear to be curing well, some already finished, some a week or so to go. Labeled bundles will be available in limited quantities come mid-late August. Hop on over to Hudson Clove to order in three weeks. 

Asiatic 'Asian Tempest' did better than all other years combined. Garlic growing is a fickle affair -one year bad, another year so so, another great. Always something new, always a challenge, always a surprise!

Artichoke 'Lorz' outperformed 'Red Toch,' although grown side by side I think this was just dumb luck. Both strains lost nearly 2/3 of what was planted -the 'Lorz' is larger thanks to a later harvest.

Silverskin 'Silverwhite' did quite well in the poor, new plot that lost so much garlic. They don't look it here, but they are easily double the size of any Silverskin I've grown in prior years.

Famed, difficult Rocambole 'Spanish Roja.' I grew about twelve from last year's surviving bulbs. They did well and I will likely plant these very cloves. I can wait for it, patience. I have a good quantity of 'Russian Red' and 'Killarney Red' Rocambole available for the bundles.

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