Saturday, September 12, 2015

September Twelfth

This potted plant approaches the feeling of today. Raking sun, brilliant blue sky, sixty-two degrees F. Autumn is around the corner but the leaves are still green. A warmth-loving being soaks in the last of summer glory before a retreat indoors. 

Squirrels recklessly toss acorns from above. Yellow jackets investigate any possibility. Monarchs, southward bound, flutter and rest. Geese, arrive from the north in formation -here they still travel south for winter. Blue jays dominate the daytime songbook. A single engine plane's hum vrum a passing bass line. 

And the people make lists of things to do before winter. 


  1. Your post brings back memories to me of life pre-New Mexico. While you are soaking up the last of the warmth, we were just talking about how it's finally cool enough to begin spending time outdoors again!


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