Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rose At Dawn

I woke at first hint of light. It was cold. I got myself together to plant 500 cloves before I needed to leave for the four-hour drive to work.

I had cracked 50 heads and sorted 450 cloves of 'Silver Rose' garlic the night before -all to be planted in these three beds. 'Silver Rose' is a silverskin softneck -very long storing. There are those who make much of the difference in flavor amongst the varieties and cultivars of garlic, but, to me, the major difference amongst varieties is long, mid, or short-term storage. This alone is reason enough to plant the different types. After that, we can discuss hot or sweet, robust or mild, easy or hard to peel.

The finished rows. The top left was left unplanted, beds unmade.

Not bad, eh? The work was done, I left by 9. Now, when to get back to finish the job?


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