Monday, April 8, 2013

Ft. Greene Moss


  1. Frank - This is completely off-topic from your beautiful moss photo. I heard that Ranger John D. Is still waiting on soil test results for Ft. Tilden. However, Sandy Hook garden's results came back showing lead and so the NPS has closed that garden for the seaon. When I did my soil test last year, it showed some lead present, and I'd hate to think that our garden would be closed because of a preexisting but unrecognized condition. Unfortunately, I lost that paperwork when Sandy inundated my beloved Integra. I remember that you also did a soil test. If you also showed lead present, would you consider letting Ranger John know that? Also, we got the okay to clean up our gardens - just no new planting.

    1. Joanna,

      They will find elevated lead levels. I had it tested winter 2012. The lead levels were 111 ppm and probably enough for someone looking for cause, but the numbers are under the NYS residential level(400?). I attempted a mitigation with 25 pounds of fish bone meal March 2012, but never retested after. How do I get in touch with Ranger John?


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