Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New York City Free Compost Facility Map


Scroll up or down through the garden calendar on the left of this page to check for current NYC Free Compost Giveaway dates. Click on the event for more details.

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  1. Hi,

    Do the composting facikities give away compost year-round, or are there special events? i would really like to get my seeds in to some soil, but i don't want to go buy that nasty compost that comes in bags if i don't have to.

  2. Giuliana,

    I agree with you about some of that nasty compost in bags. If it is too wet or stinks a little like sewer, don't use it. Bring it back. Your compost should not smell bad or slimy.

    Unfortunately, some companies are touting organic compost or topsoil that has chemically treated and dried sewage sludge composted into it. I have not come across this in the NYC region yet, but I have in the Southwest. I do avoid buying compost at Home Depot, etc. because they have nationwide distribution and this kind of "compost" or "topsoil" is more likely to be sold there. Of course, if you can find a trusted brand, then stick with it. I've used Coast of Maine products before. www.coastofmaine.com

    Unfortunately for us, our NYC compost giveaway program is only twice a year, in Autumn and Spring.
    As a matter of fact, I have the same problem as you this year as I am about to build boxes for vegetables and would have loved to fill it with the city compost. Its good stuff.

    Go to a reputable nursery and ask for true organic compost. Next autumn, check here for the compost giveaway dates and get as much as you can haul away for the coming year. You may also check with other gardeners who may have more compost than they can use.
    Good luck!

  3. Giuliana,

    I've used this company before for hundreds of cubic yards of compost. Its good stuff and they deliver or you can pick it up.


  4. Best way to get compost is to make it your self.

  5. true enough r.dress. But given my 2 foot x 25 foot growing space, I ain't giving it up to make compost.

    If every tree and grass owner in this city composted themselves, I guess we wouldn't have big garbage trucks hauling to the compost site.

    But some circumstances require more compost than you could make. To boot, you gonna wait to fill those pots with compost cause you haven't made it yet? Its okay to trade money for compost still, isn't it?

  6. better yet, do vermicompost. Composting with worms. It is easy, self contained, year round and turned food into compost about 4 times as fast. Best part is that it doesn't take up much room (think rubbermaid storage container) and is quite low maintance. Best part is that you end up throwing away your garbage less frequently.

  7. what if nyc compost is contaminated by using trees and other material that were treated with harmful chemicals/pesticides. Should there be reason for concern.

  8. I wish they would bring back this program. This compost beats anything you could find from most garden variety stores. Black soil for the best planting.

  9. I don't worry about whether or not chemical treatments of the collected materials have affected nyc compost. There is little to no spraying of residential trees here in NYC. Lawn Doctor might visit some of the residential lawns here in the city, but I suspect it is few, and that the lawn will be cut and bagged at an interval that allows much of those chemicals to be broken down by the sun, washed away in the rain.

    The only concern is excess garbage in the compost -when I rake my sidewalk leaves there's always litter in it, or possible contamination of the soil folded into the compost making. To be honest, I do not even know if they do add soil when making NYC compost.

    Most of the compost is leaves, and most of those leaves are from street trees. Maybe a soil test of NYC compost is in order when they begin the program again -if they begin the program again.

  10. Yeah, when ARE they going to restart the program? Is this suspension due to budget cuts,or what? More shortsightedness from NYC government.

  11. I am contemplating growing on my own compost as like others I'm not really a fan of the compost bags, plus it can be quite expensive for something you can in essence make yourself or is free. But this facility is a really good initiative and idea for NY city.

  12. Hi Frank-

    We are starting a Free community compost program in East Harlem at our new garden center, Urban Garden Center. We expect to start the program on April 1. Our website will keep your followers posted on the development.
    1640 Park Avenue @ 116th St.
    New York, NY 10035
    Think Spring!


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