Thursday, April 10, 2008

Central Park Incidental

After making an attempt to see Color Chart at the MoMA (closed Tuesdays? I didn't even look!), I found myself with two hours to kill before work. What a nice day, how 'bout a trip to Central Park. Walking near the literary walk - I see these stunning azalea bushes.

On my way to work, I crossed the Sheep Meadow -where they used to keep grazing sheep until the 1930's. They were housed in the Tavern on the Green before it was called a tavern. Anyhow, I pass this lump of grass that was ripped from the sod. I stopped, tucked it back into its soily hole and went on my way. Then I see this person, metal detecting and digging with a trowel. I watched her/him for 5 minutes or so, same spot, metal detecting on his/her knees and troweling the sod up like nobody's business.

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