Saturday, April 26, 2008

Give Away Gone Great

The plant give-away is over and it went really well. I met around 15 nice people from the neighborhood. I gave away maybe 95% of what I had to give so thats excellent too. One person came early and I sent her away with maybe less than she could've used. Then a mad rush came at 9 am. The Flatbush Gardener came by and got some Monkshood and fern. It was all over by 10 am. I started to clean up, but then at 10:30 am someone from the community garden over on 6th Ave and 16th Street came by to pick up a couple of plants. Then another gardener came by and I gave her three ferns. Happy for that as I had so many. About to wrap it up and then I met Erica (Erika?) and Shannon, neighbors from a few blocks away on E5th and I gave them almost everything I had left (which wasn't much by this time). I was late for work, but satisfied that it went really well.

I was quite hoping it would rain later today but now its sunny and then more fair weather tomorrow. Its a bit late for transplants, so water all those plants in! And thanks for saving those plants.

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