Sunday, June 29, 2008

Not So Much Party Lights as Lights You Might Turn On at a Party

Recently I attended a party for my high school art teacher. I made her this string of lights. Over the years I have seen her collect many skeletons, more dia del muerte than medical mock-up. She is also a fan of sunflowers. Therefore, sunflower and skull lamps, cut into B/C-grade cedar shakes bought at Lowes and strung with a line of 10 lamps bought at Lighting Plus on Broadway at Great Jones.


  1. Those look really nice! Unfortunately I had no such thing to offer my high school art teacher when I met up with her recently. Great memories of my classes with her, but I've been almost all out of artistic motivation since graduating from high school.

  2. Beautiful! Love the wood-burn of the skulls.

    I'd hang these in my garden.

  3. Thanks guys. It was a fun project and my HS art teacher was very proud.

    PS Ms Liu: I believe writing is artistic and isn't that what you do?


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