Saturday, September 6, 2008

NYC Compost Give Back Dates Announced

The NYC Compost Project announces it Fall 2008 Compost Give Back.
Save the dates:

Soundview Facility
(Bronx) October 4th & 5th -8 am - 2 pm

Fresh Kills Facility
(Staten Island) October 18th & 19th -8 am - 2pm

There are still no give backs at the Spring Creek facility (Queens/Brooklyn)

From the DSNY:
Unfortunately, Still No Compost Givebacks in Brooklyn

At present, DSNY doesn’t have an operating compost site in Queens or Brooklyn, so we are unable to provide more convenient giveback locations for residents in these boroughs.
DSNY is awaiting final approval from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation for a permit to operate the Spring Creek Compost Site, located near the Brooklyn/Queens border by the Gateway mall.
DSNY currently has only two permitted compost sites (Fresh Kills on Staten Island and Soundview in the Bronx). To keep composting programs operational, DSNY needs additional sites. To address this problem, NYC’s Solid Waste Management Plan created the Compost Siting Task Force comprised of representatives appointed by the Mayor, the five Borough Presidents, and City Council.

Of course you may go to the other facilities, but for the gas and tolls.

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