Friday, October 3, 2008

Free Compost This Weekend

Don't forget the NYC Compost Project's compost giveaway this weekend at the Soundview Compost Facility in the Bronx.

For specific info, see the calendar below to the right or go to the above giveaway link.

Apparently this is the last opportunity for free compost until the city budget changes for the better. Separate leaf removal by the DSNY has been suspended for budgetary reasons. Without the leaves there simply is no reason to do bulk composting in NYC according to the DSNY. This is a sad moment for us, not unlike the previous suspension of recycling. Leaves will now be collected with the regular trash.

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  1. If you are invested in having NYC continue fall leaf collection and composting, please tell the mayor and your city council rep! Hopefully we can get it back in the budget for next year and ensure that our leaves are not wasted in landfills and the city continues to have compost to give back to residents.
    To email the mayor go to:
    To find your city council rep, go to:


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