Monday, November 3, 2008

Sowing our Seeds

I do try to stay on topic, and so it is with this post that I offer this analogy. Tomorrow, November 4th, 2008, we in the United States of America will sow our seeds. There is so much hope and determination in the act of sowing seeds. Much expectation as well. There will be failure, there will be loss, but there will also be growth and moments of sheer beauty. There will be lots to do, and much to ponder-but gardeners don't mind the work. I can't say gardening in November has been this exciting in a long while. See you sowing your seeds!


  1. Perhaps if more people gardened more people would vote in a thinking manner, being accustomed to consequences?

  2. Marie,

    I wish I could agree in total, but I know of so many gardeners who are social conservatives, militants and religious rightists. But what's good is that the garden is great place to start talking; it reveals our common ground and our goals are often similar. Maybe there is room in the garden for openness to new things. The garden as a public, political space where we can all be open to new ideas? Well, I can dream.


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