Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cold Frame

I'm gonna make a cold frame. I have some scrap wood at work, that'll dictate its size. Its primed, finger-jointed pine, that'll dictate that it be painted. I'll look about for some double-wall polycarbonate, maybe Canal Plastics. I already tried Peter's Plastics on Fort Hamilton Pkwy, but he didn't have any. I have loose hinges in a crate in the closet. I'll put legs on it so that it doesn't interfere with the bulbs shooting up in a few weeks.

I ordered seeds from Kitchen Garden Seeds. This is one below, Black Russian.

I went looking for varieties that responded to problems I had last year. Bushy-ness or "containerability", determinancy, disease resistance, and of course, taste. For tomatoes, I'm trying: Black Russian, Sungold Cherry, Orange Pixie Large Cherry, Milano Plum, and Bella Rosa. Then there's the Asian Mesclun Mix, the Sugar Ann Snap Peas, and the Salad Bush Cukes.

I'll post photos of the cold frame when its done.

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