Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Infernal Wind

This is the season of wind -a constant blowing, or even nor-easter gale. I believe it is true that wind can make a person mad. I hate its constancy, its always in my face. It gives me head colds.

I don't want the wind, don't wish for wind. We were formed in the windless environment of the forest canopy or before that, under the sea. It is unnatural for us primates. Accept it only when it blows our sails, turns our turbines, or blows toward our backs.


  1. Don't EVER visit Cape Town in December and January! We were talking of wind-induced madness just last week, staying in a gale-buffeted cottage on a deserted beach. I hate wind, too. But it does clean things up.

    Hm. Maybe the lurgi will let me post those pictures today.

  2. I hope so. And damn that infernal wind!


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