Friday, February 13, 2009

One Sexy Cold-Frame

Well, there it is: the cold-frame. I put it in the front yard, facing south in a patch of asters. I put it there because there are fewer bulbs coming up in the aster patch. That black BBQ  paint sure gives it style!

I put legs on it to keep it off the upcoming plants. One design change had to be made on the spot. I didn't take into account the warping of the glazed roof panel frame. One piece warped out over night, so I added one block to each side to hold the frame in place. The back is held in place by its hinges. I think this will solve the problem, and anyway -its a 30 dollar project.

With the lid open you can see the interior. I have one pot inside now with a couple of broccoli seeds in it. I am attempting to sprout broccoli outside in the cold-frame and inside the apartment simultaneously.

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  1. I am so impressed with this! You even thought to put it on legs. Hope the broccoli does well - it will be interesting to see which do better - the indoor or cold frame sprouts ?


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