Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cloud Cover

Its late, I left work and what does the Columbus Circle CNN super screen say, oh its 37 degrees F. Hmm, seems kind of cloudy up there. Now Brooklyn, off the subway, hmm... I can see that its cloudy now. Doesn't feel that cold. Wind not much to complain about. Moon barely visible behind nature's row cover. I think its gonna be alright. 

Oh, hell. I got some plastic, just lay it over the peas. So thats what I did. But I think the clouds are staying and my intuition says no deep freeze. But I did pull in the tomato seedlings from the cold-frame. They've been living outside through the day and I pull em in at night if its going to freeze. They're toughening up this way, after their super growth spurt this past weekend on the warm windowsill.

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