Thursday, March 26, 2009

Actually Gardened Yesterday

I actually did some real gardening yesterday. I felt I should go to the studio before work, but as I stood outside trying to remember what plant was where in my overcrowded space, I took out the shovel and started moving things around. I divided a fat aster, I moved the maximillion sunflowers to the farthest corner near the stoop. I moved the boltonia closer to that corner as well. I moved the geranium "johnson's blue" to the front of the bed along with the heuchera which was smothered by the sheffield pink mums (boy they spread). I pulled out some yarrow 'cause that is always growing fat. I had extra of this and the aster, so I had to find a place to put them. I placed some yarrow in a tree pit of one of our new trees across the street. We'll see how it fares. I moved extra sunflower to the far end of the side garden, and I planted the aster and more yarrow in between some long unmoved telephone poles. It felt good to dig. And I knew there'd be some rain on the way (today, hopefully). Only sadness is that my cold-frame is blocking the sun of some bulbs popping up. The daffs are about ready to bloom.


  1. Hey, I could use some of that yarrow. Think it would survey snail mail to the flatlands? What would you want in trade? I've got lots of hosta, daylilies, about some sweet Solomon Seal?

    Isn't spring just the best.

  2. I don't know, but I think that it may. Its the kind with the soft gray leaves and yellow flower. I just picked up a express box at the post office, so there you have it.

    My garden's too crowded. Not enough shade for your shade guys. The catnip will be demolished by two thousand cats, although I would like nepeta.

    Where should I send it?


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