Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pure As The Driven Snow

I was watching Jon Stewart on David Letterman the other night and they got to talking about the quality of a New York City snow. How its good for the first 15 minutes, thereafter your kids are licking gray icicles hanging off the bumper of a cab, yellow snow is a prized for its freshness.

Yesterday I went out to look at the side yard where I plant the vegetables in boxes and I took a look at the gray snow still about. I thought, well this is just catching a fraction of all that soot, debris, exhaust, whatever it is that is out there. We breathe it in, daily. Maybe it has little consequence, but who wouldn't choose purity over this?

Today is the day, the first official day of warm spring. The sun is out, the temps about 60 right now. If I weren't going to the Philly Flower Show to enjoy spring indoors this weekend, I'd be out in the garden pruning roses and cleaning pots, and probably planting my snap peas on Sunday.
Enjoy it!


  1. I saw the same episode of Letterman. Your 100 % right about the toxins that are on the ground and in the air we inhale. I grew up about 25 miles north of the city and the snow stayed relatively white for weeks. Let’s not also forget that NYC has some powerful gusts of wind coming from the Atlantic, East river and the Hudson. If we didn’t have those winds we would look like Beijing a month before the Olympics.

    The EPA is not protecting us from these cancer causing toxins. It seems as the financial news gets worse, we lose momentum in the green movement.
    This is a global problem and we need to open up a forum for suggestions to solve this crisis.

  2. I hate the February/March winds, but I guess it does keep us a little fresher. I grew up on LI, our snow was cleaner, longer too. But we didn't have 300 cars a day driving right next to our yard, idling next to our yard.
    You should smell what my landlord's pole setting truck does to our apartment when he "warms" it up in the morning!


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