Saturday, March 21, 2009

Should Be Called Spring Joy

First official day of spring, yes. I think this Sedum, "Autumn Joy" could just as well be called "Spring Joy." It looks wonderfully succulent, icy and warm at the same time.

Yesterday evening, as I covered my peas because of threatening frost (clear night), a neighbor from down the block stopped and gave me my first ever NYC gardener to gardener "poo-poo." I was poo-pooed for putting my peas in as early as I did. I enjoyed it, actually -the gardener to gardener exchange, the confidence, the wink.

She said she was surprised at how early I had put my peas in. I said, well they were getting large in the cold frame and you know they'll be fine, but better safe than sorry after all, putting on the plastic. She said, yeah, they'll be fine with the plastic and, well it'll look good as always. Then mentioned her tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers will be hanging upside down this year to keep them from the chickens. I said, keep me posted on that!

I don't think there's another house quite like hers in all of Brooklyn. The house is set back all the way, so that its 90% front yard. The wood-framed house is maybe 500 square feet. Its cute as hell with its traditional roof line and nice garden. And chickens!

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