Friday, April 24, 2009

Pressing My Monetize Button

My friend, fellow artist, and funny guy Tim has been pressing mine for a while now. Lately he has bragged of his 103 dollar check from ad sense. Tim has a blog on soft drinks called softdrinkreviews. Seems innocuous enough, but go there, dig in, read on, and you may just laugh your soft-drinking ass off.

His ad sensations are placed right under the title. Its clever play for him and one that reaps minor financial rewards.  I am poor at making money from what I enjoy, so I will stay poor. Tim, keep those hundreds coming. 


  1. How mny hits did it take to earn $103?

    That durn monetize button. I hates it. I have nothing in my pocketses.

  2. He won't say. Was that monetize tab always there? Did it just pop up one day or was I jus dreamin?

  3. It popped up. It used to be a discreet gadget to add on to the sidebar, ad-sense.

    Bit like a weed you don't want.

  4. Weel, why cover up the reality of ol' B's motivation I sipose.

    I really like doing for free, been my problem all along.

    Or, like another puts it, no guts for making money.


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