Saturday, April 11, 2009

Too Much Tweakin Bloggin

I think there are two kinds of bloggers: the kind that say to themselves, "I can't seem to keep up my posting" and the kind that says to themselves, "I can't believe how much time I spend blogging."

I've been feeling like the latter group lately. So while I was fishing around the Internet for info on a widget to add panoramic scrolling to my other hidden blog (sshhh), I found this site by this guy Kang Rohman. Somehow, through his bumpy English and sense of humor I managed to tweak my blogger site. I wanted 3-column stretch minima since I began, but the template was not offered. He showed me how. Now I'm beginning to see how the other blogger sites have their customized look. They know the html coding and are comfortable messing with templates. I wonder about all those Diggs and Technohootis and Deliciousnesses. I put this Spheroid thing on my site and now I want it off. Every time it announces its getting me the good stuff I cringe.

I've been using computers since I was about 14 (Commodore 64, baby!). But there were always those intrepid kids that seemed to be able to dig deeper into the machine and not fear they were going to break it. That's never been me. If it was, I broke the machine. But this time, success. Thanks to Kang!

Now the formatting is ideally suited to a larger screen. If you have a laptop with a 15 inch screen you may find it scrunched up some. Sorry about that, but blogger does its best to acommodate different sized screens. Now, back to posting....

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