Monday, April 13, 2009

Urban Farmer -Wasssssssssuuuuup!

Its starting to look like the small veg patch that it is again. I raked out most of the leaves and garbage (there's always more...). All the planters are filled as you'll see below.


Snap Peas (flowers coming on)

Mesclun Mix

Mint and Arugula




  1. I swear there must be something wrong with my spinach and snow peas. They are certainly nowhere near the size of yours. And the squirrel leaves those ones alone.

  2. No, nothing wrong. The big spinach I planted from seed last fall and they over-wintered! The little guys al around are the newly seeded ones.

    As for my snap peas, I started them inside in February and it was warm so they shot right up. They've only about doubled in size since I put them in a month ago. They're starting to get some flowers just now, but honestly I think they look a little meek. I also direct seeded some and they're coming up just this week.

  3. Nice new layout, BTW. What about Landscape out Loud, though?

  4. I hated that. I think I prefer "Yo Mr. Greenthumbs"

    Thats what the one armed bandit calls to me whenever he sees me puttering out there in yard.

    Briefly went with The Curious Dibbler, but thats actually a better name for a blog.

  5. Or maybe just thinking about Landscaping a little quieter these days. As much a pleasure it is to garden and to blog, I push my other work off just a bit too much.


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