Thursday, May 28, 2009

Art Farm

The radar has been showing no rain for hours, but for hours I've looked out the window and saw mist, sprinkles, and rain. I went out for a walk, to make some more movies, and to get out.

In NYC, one rarely has the feeling they can slow down, move slowly through a space or landscape. (Only people doing that are tending to hand held devices -outa my way!) As I move through the grassy fields I became aware of intention in the form of this "art" farm. Its about the light transitioning to the dark, abruptly sometimes, other times gradual. It appears rather designed, although it may be incidental to the stone wall and field structure. Along the stone walls, trees grow and they create dark spaces then punctuated by the bright, grassy fields beyond, then again broken by the deeper woods. Light and Dark have long been of Art.

And now, for my next number, a suite of bleeding hearts in the rain.

My wife arrives tomorrow, so I'll send this out to her.


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