Sunday, May 3, 2009

Its All About Greens, Broccoli, and Peas

The heat lovers await their turn to ride in the grown-up boxes.

Meanwhile, the cool-season veggies reach maturity.

Spinach (bottom), Asian Greens (bottom-right), Arugula (bottom-left), Mesclun Mix (middle-right and center), Broccoli (far left), Snap Peas(way up top)

Asian Greens (Mizuna) and to the left a Norway Maple seedling. I didn't catch that one until I saw the photo!

The oaky reds of the Mesclun Mix

Side yard Broccoli 'Calabrese'

Front yard Broccoli 'Calabrese'. The plastic sheeting is from the overwintering. I left it on because the prevailing wind here is from the west, blowing by the building's g-pails.

And yes, we finally are getting some 'Sugar Ann' snap peas! Sadly, these plants will probably be pulled before they are finished producing. They're in the tomato planters.


  1. In life, always make sure you're not in the tomato planter..

  2. Its tomato planters for you Paulie Snap Peas, tomato planters for you!


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