Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Order of Things

Below is a series of photos highlighting the schema of Weir the landscape. Close to home -a formal garden. Outside that ring, the productive vegetable garden. Outside that ring, the tilled farm fields. And today, outside that ring, the wooded nature preserve. Imagine it like a solar system with the house as its center of gravity.

This is Burlingham House. It's the visitor center for the Weir Farm Historic Site.

On the left is the potting shed (of stone!) and its bleeding hearts. To the right is the staircase with cute plants I cannot name.

Looking back for another glimpse of the bleeding hearts and stone wall.

Down the stone steps is this formal garden planted by Weir's daughter.

Looking south over a stone wall we see what was once a vegetable garden.

Outside another stone boundary we find the farming fields.

The farm fields are bordered up-slope by oaks that seed the fields with their progeny.

Passing through another stone wall we enter a different zone. It has a sign.

Maybe you didn't read the sign either, but it does state 'no dogs.' I suppose even outside the city dog walkers aren't doing their duty.

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