Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pitter Patter

I woke up this morning to tomato seedlings battered by pelting rains and window sill drip. It was pouring last night as I left the station, rain angling from the south. I like to push it, so I left the tomatoes and cukes out. This morning the soil was washed from the tomato pots, roots exposed. Two cukes had been snapped in two by the torrent. Oh, it was a horrible sight.

I disposed of the cukes, unfurled their TP containers and used the soil to straighten out the tomato pots. Then I took the remaining cukes and stood their TP pots in the broccoli planter, wedging each in a square of the squirrel netting. The tomatoes that were out of the drip line were fine, so I moved to put all together. Whew! Another plant disaster averted.

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