Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Really Wish I Could ID This One


I've since looked at this one again in the field. It has a trailing ground stem that is woody, reddish-brown, and other flower stems shoot off this stem. It lies tangled in the grass and other plants of the meadow, rather like a strawberry. I've looked at wild-strawberries, cinquefoils, even avens. All which could be flowering now, but none with this distinct slender white flower. Also look at various bramble berries, but the ground hugging, vining, stem seems wrong there. Any ideas?


  1. UBC plant forum suggested a Rubus?

  2. That's where I ended up, with a bramble berry rasberry, blackberry. But is not shrubby, totally stolon, ground creeping. But not have seen a positive ID, the slender whites throw me off, but the leaf shape is right.

  3. Have a look at Trailing Blackberry/ Rubus Ursinus - it has the narrower petals and trailing habit.

  4. What would I do without you guys???

    Well Rubus is the closest I've seen, flower is right. Definitely prostrate over the shrubby, but seems it can become that. I will re-investigate the woody spreading stems and look for the thorns. Funny that it is generally seen as a western states plant. Hmmm. Well, I can't call it officially until I see those berries!


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