Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This New Old House

This is my National Park home for the next month. Its called "caretaker's" because this is where... you guessed it. It sits on the edge of a deep ravine and at the intersection of two roads. Back in the day, there were little in the way of woods here. The hill was cleared for farms and I've read that you could see Long Island Sound. The woods is back, second growth.

The studio is upstairs, in the attic. It's nice, but a bit lusty for the studio they are building next door that would accommodate my larger work. 

Across the street is the Weir residence. It's being renovated, along with his studio and other buildings. Sounds of construction carry the day, but keep the quiet from lulling me into sleepiness. 

I went on an exploratory hike yesterday evening. The overwhelming nature of the experience, alone in the woods and field, with low raking light pushed me to take a million photos. Then I stopped. To relax, take it in. In some ways I feel I've gotten over that moment, so now to engage in creativity. To have the time to just think about what would be fun to explore, think about future work, learning something new. This is a wildly fantastic context for me. A mixture of the old and the new, and much in between, looking back and looking forward. I have many questions for the National Park Service Rangers, and I have incredible access to them.

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