Friday, May 22, 2009

Welcome To The Interzone

Picking up where I left off...

As soon as you pass through the stone wall, you become immediately aware of a shift in landscape management. What? Are those last year's oak leaves on the grass?

Hey, wait a second, this low bush blueberry couldn't survive a mowing at this height.

Little bells of blueberry. I'm not sure it couldn't be called 'darling.'

Look up and you see the middle stages of field reverting to forest. Dogwood and Cedar are making their move, and Sassafras staking a claim too.

Young Sassafras.

When I was a kid I knew Sassafras to grow under the oak trees in the woods. The leaves smelled lemony and in a child's world they became known as the 'lemon pledge tree.'

This beast is also amassing its army. Multiflora Rose, Japanese Barberry, Oriental Bittersweet and honeysuckle: Morrow's or Japanese Honeysuckle - a veritable Medusa's Head of invasive shrubbery!

Another old stone wall puts me into the second growth forest. The final ring in the system.

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