Saturday, June 6, 2009

Evening Walk

I was lured out to the Weir house by the light.

Then to the "Secret Garden" by the shrubs bursting with white flowers.

They perfumed the air.

The apple trees beyond.

Why it is I am so much less likely to go for an evening walk in my city environs, I'll not want to hazard. This evening's walk at the Farm was lovely as always. As I strolled around sniffing this, photographing that (always with the pictures!), I spotted some deer grazing the fields. Afterward, as I made my way back to the cottage, I paused to soak in the grassy field that is my favorite part of the landscape here. I felt a new current, as when you wade through a cold lake and, rather suddenly, you find yourself in warm water. An ever-so-slight pocket of warmer, more humid air surrounded me. Bliss.

Meadow view.

Let me get close.

I'm outa here.

The size-a-my tail!

The grass, the meadow.

I think it is my ideal landscape. I know my place, now more than ever -the space between cultivated and untouched, the messy place in the middle.


  1. Great time to go for a walk -- I think that's the best time of day for taking pictures, too.

    You asked about my broccoli. It seems healthy enough but some bug is eating it and no florets yet. It's the first time I've grown it -- not sure when to expect them.

  2. I feel its getting late. But, the last time I grew Broccoli, it was in winter in NM, so what do I know.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


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