Saturday, June 20, 2009

Heavy Rain Coming Around Noon

Oh, what a surprise!

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  1. Yeeeeehaw!

    Are you sick of it yet? I'm not sick of it yet.

  2. I Do Not Mind the coolness, and the rain means no watering.
    It'll end, and I ain't at the beach! I recall it being a wet first half of June last year too, not watering the veggies and so on. SO NO.

    It's not winter...

  3. Rain seems to be somewhere in the forecast for the next four days, too! I wouldn't mind but my son's Little League has gone on much too long with all the postponements.

    So the slugs aren't eating your vegetables? Or maybe the big speckled ones are a different variety than the veggie munchers? I have a real slug problem that I have to find a solution for soon.

  4. JGH,

    No, I got lotso slugs and a few snails, but they aren't bothering the plants. They do however slime up the compost pile adjacent to the veggies. The slugs live under the veggie planters. Thats where I found the fatty one. I "use" the compost pile as a lure from the veggies.
    I believe there's a product called Sluggo.


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