Friday, June 12, 2009

How To Remove That Mother*#@* Tick

I've been lucky, and after my two recent tick encounters, being in the grassy fields and woods has become a little more of a chore because of relentless checking and rechecking. Past experiences told me that the tick is a slow moving creature, but recent experiences have shown me otherwise. So check and recheck as I walk and photograph. Anyway, here is a post by C4 at the Clueless Gardeners on how to remove a tick. I'll add the link to my RESOURCES list on the right.


  1. I use a tick nipper to remove ticks, you don't lose as much flesh with it. Took the dog to the vet yesterday to discover that she had lymes and borrelia, another tick borne disease. Humans can also get this and although it takes 48 hours of engorgment for the lyme to enter the system the borrelia only takes 12. I'm not sure about any telltale signs, will have to research that. The vet told me that if anyone in the family starts to feel feverish to let the Dr. know that we have borrelia on the property.


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